Waterall is approved by the epa


Irrigation professionals certified by a WaterSense labeled program can help you reduce your water consumption, save money, and maintain a healthy and beautiful landscape by maximizing the efficiency of your irrigation system.


All too often, landscape irrigation wastes water. Properly managing your irrigation system can help you reduce your annual outdoor water use by nearly 8,800 gallons, equivalent to the amount of water used to take 500 showers!

Waterall is proud to have surpassed the requirements for this distinction and support the EPA through the WaterSense program! By using the Waterall you can be confident you are getting the most efficient and environmental friendly irrigation controller on the market. 

Waterall has earned the EPA's highest honor for water conservation and energy efficiency. Being the first water controller on the market to qualify for the WaterSense program, you can be assured we are the industry standard when it comes to consumer water controllers .


Using the Waterall has been proven to save water, lower monthly utility costs and provide an "automatic expert gardener" experience out of the box. 

Our product has been designed to be easy to use, efficient in its execution of home lawn and garden care, as well as purpose driven in its design.... we save water while providing an optimal watering schedule for your specific needs.